Ms. nº 1260 D. Bibliothèque Générale, Rabat (Allouche & Regragui, 1958 : II, 273-274)

Written in small and semi-clear maghrebi script with very few vowels. It has a total of 239 pages, each with 19 lines, followed by some pages of indexes in a different handwriting. In the last one there are some brief biographical references about Al-Ṭighnarī written in a third type of handwriting, and, from someone who has already studied the manuscript, some annotations in Arabic and French. The various headings are written in thicker strokes.

In one of the few marginal notes found on the first page there is the author’s name: “al-imām al-Ṭangarī al-Andalusī”. The copy, as shown on page 239, was made on the 8th muarram of 1316, May 29, 1898.

 (translated from Carabaza Bravo, J. M., García Sánchez, E. & Llavero Ruiz, E. (1991). ‘Obras manuscritas de los geoponos andalusies (siglos X-XII)’, p. 1129. In: Emilio Molina et al. (eds.). Homenaje al Profesor Jacinto Bosch Vila, vol. 2, pp. 1115-1132. Granada: Universidad de Granada).