Ms. nº 2162. Bibliothèque Nationale, Algiers

This is one of the summaries of Al-Ṭighnarī’s work, whose title follows the basmala and taṣliya, but without the name of any author.

It has a total of 111 folios with 18 lines per page. It is written in a tight and none too clear maghrebi script without vowels. It has some brief marginal notes in the same handwriting. It is in a good state of conservation. In the last folio is found the copyist’s name – Muhammad b. al-‘Arabi b. al-Rabī‘ Ibn Ḥammūda – and the date of the copy: 7th of shabān of 1272/ 13th April, 1856.

The faṣl which indicate a change of topic are highlighted, possibly with coloured ink. The thematic content is the same as the other summaries, with no variation worth mentioning.

(translated from Carabaza Bravo, J. M., García Sánchez, E. & Llavero Ruiz, E. (1991). ‘Obras manuscritas de los geoponos andalusies (siglos X-XII)’, pp. 1132. In: Emilio Molina et al. (eds.). Homenaje al Profesor Jacinto Bosch Vila, vol. 2, pp. 1115-1132. Granada: Universidad de Granada).