The Jordanian Edition (ed. S. Jarrār and Y. Abū Ṣāfiya, Amman, 1982)
Ibn Ḥajjāj al-Ishbīlī, Al-Muqni‘ fī ’l-filāḥa

“In a manner that is clearly erroneous the editors of the Jordanian version of Al-Muqni‘ identify Ibn Hajjāj as the author of the whole of this work even though it is written in two completely distinct styles (the first consisting exclusively of a collection of ancient maxims with constant references to magic prescriptions, while the second comprises original contributions stripped of all superstition), each based on different sources (a long list of authors consulted directly or indirectly by Ibn Hajjāj [in the second part] in contrast to the limited numbers of authors consulted in the first part, mainly Anatolius and Democritus.”

(translated from Guzmán Álvarez, J. R., 2005. ‘El compendio de agricultura atribuido a Ibn Wāfid/al-Nahrāwī: nuevas perspectivas sobre su autoría’, Anaquel de Estudios Árabes, vol. 16, p. 94)